Boris Grebenshchikov (BG) is a prominent member of the generation which is widely considered as founding fathers of Russian rock music. He is the leader of the legendary band Aquarium since 1972. For the first time ever BG will perform in Athens on May 4th @ Gagarin!

The setlist consists of both: new songs and Aquarium classics and according to feedback from music fans from different countries combines "eternity and relevance".

In 2022, Aquarium was going to celebrate 50 years of its creative activity. The war in Ukraine canceled the celebration of this anniversary and Aquarium stopped any tour. But in order not to leave their listeners completely without music, a temporary partisan line up of “BG+” was assembled.

"BG+" plans to continue these "endless" tours and let the music to heal the wounds inflicted by today's delirium.05:41

Gagarin 205
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