The world's finest Queen Rock & Symphony show
The global Symphony and Rock show -
Ronnie Romero and Grand Symphony orchestra



OCTOBER 22th 2023

More than 60 musicians on stage, immortal Queen classics and a latter day rock's finest singer Ronnie Romero (Ritchie Blackmore`s Rainbow)!

A world-class show is coming to Athens!

Everyone loves Queen. Housewives, rocket scientists and classical composers, all do. A big Queen day is looming for Athens fans, with the original 'Queen Classics' show making it debut in Hellas on October the 22th.

'Queen Classics' is a spectacular Broadway style show, 'a concerto for group and orchestra' as great Jon Lord once pinned it: a band, an orchestra and the voice. With the original score contrived to feel it as if these well-known hits were primary written to be performed by an orchestra, the performance creates an unbelievable blending of the classical and the vibe of the 70s-80s. Those to whom Queen music bring sweet memories of good old times back home, and who may undoubtedly bring their kids to the show with them, will find these brand new arrangements like an old wine, fine tunes of their youth, well-aged to the high genre flavor, a real connoisseur choice.

And, what is Queen music unthinkable without? A heavenly voice, obviously. The prime star of the show is Mr. Ronnie Romero, 'the voice of rock of the XXI century', best known to all hard rock and metal fans as the singer in Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow. When Queen projects are plenty around the globe there can be only few worthy: the vocalists who can do the world's most beloved singer justice are counted with one hand, worldwide. As Ritchie Blackmore put it, 'Ronnie is unique singer. He can sing perfectly both as Freddie Mercury or as Ronnie James Dio.' There can be no doubt Ronnie is one of the greatest voices around now, and probably the greatest vocalist to appear on world's stage in last one or two decades.

The 'Queen classics' show is presented to you by Eventation Greece, a branch of international promoters group. With more than 3 million visitors in different parts of Europe and Asia, stadium and biggest indoor venues shows, concerts of global stars, such as Skillet, Megadeth, Manowar, Evanescence, Disturbed under the belt through the career spanning well over a decade, making it a night to remember became not just a business but the way of life for our team. So, FLOYD, 22th of October. It'll be the night to remember... because as the commandment goes, The Show must go on!

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Queen Classics Show
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Queen Classics Show

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